Friday, July 27, 2012

Charlie the Chinese Goose

Is this my best side?
A long while back, hubs and I went to the "chicken sale" (really the Livestock Auction) for our date night. It was our first time going. The first critters to catch my attention AND capture my heart were a pair of geese. I think they were male and female... Anyway, they honked and talked to me as I visited with them. I wanted those babies!
But, alas, we had not thought to bring a cage so we were unable to bid on them. :(
Every time after that when we would go to the sale, I looked for geese. I never saw any.

Or is this my best side?
Then one morning I was working in the garden and kept hearing the strangest sound. The longer I listened the more I was convinced I was hearing a goose! Someone in the neighborhood had a goose! Now, mind you, this sound was not like the normal goose honk you may associate with geese. This sounded more like a dinosaur screaming. But I knew it was a goose.

Hubby came home for lunch that day and I told him what I had heard. He was skeptical but stepped outside to listen. He didn't think it was a goose but he agreed to walk across the road with me to "visit" the neighbors and investigate this strange sound.

The first day Charlie came to live @ 1115
Lo and behold! It WAS a goose! And the neighbor asked me if I wanted him. INDEED! "Yes!" I said. I will take that goose.

We named him Charlie. Charlie is a Chinese goose. He is greyish and white with a brown stripe down the back of his neck. He does scream like a dinosaur and is very snobbish. He walks around with his beak stuck in the air.

I kept Charlie in a pen to start with. Then decide he should be allowed to roam and enjoy the farm.
The first day we were working in the garden and he came waltzing around the house and down to the garden. Actually, he walked the rows with us.
The next morning, he left the yard and was half way down the neighbors driveway before I knew he was gone. I am so glad there were no hidden cameras to capture me running that big goose around!!!

I hear my sweet dinosaur, I mean, Charlie screaming now.
Time to go shut the barn yard down!

See ya'll later,
Nancy Dawn

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meet Max

Meet Maximus. He is our precocious 7 month old Lab mix. 
He has feet like saucers and legs a mile long!
I am waiting on Max to be guardian of the barn yard.
Haha...I have a few years of gibberish before he tells me the
truth about what is really going on out there!

Max came to live with us in February and stole my heart first thing!
Our son saw the picture and said, "Name him Maximus, he is gonna be a beast!!"

I have the habit of naming a pet one thing and then nicknaming it a dozen other names.
Maximus is also called:
Mr. Max
Sugar Smax

And, I sing to Max. One song goes like this, 
"Max, Max, Mr. Max. Him's a handsome Sugar Smax!"
Another tune is, "Maximus, Smaximus, Sugar Smaximus, the handsomest Maximus around!"

Yes. I sing and talk to all the critters on the farm. 

Max got really sick in March. I nursed him through it. It must be love, I was up at 2:30 in the morning doctoring him. Poor puppy. We thought he was a goner.

Mr. Max likes to steal pieces from my craft  
projects to chew up.
That is a gourd hanging out of his mouth. Stolen from a welcome sign I made for fall.
(OK. I confess. It was made for fall and was still in the flower bed this spring.)
He is a HAPPY BOY!

He is so silly!

Check out those eyes. So intense!

Mr. Max loves to wrestle and chew on most
anything...including a tree root.

Max. He needs a track star to hang out with him and wear him out.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Max. I am looking forward to introducing you to some of the other animals around here.

See ya'll later,
Nancy Dawn