Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tags for 1115

The last couple of days have been spent coming up with an idea for a TAG for my crafts.
I played with hand stenciling on card stock...beautiful but TEDIOUS!
I finally gave in and used the computer to print out The Crafty Shack on different colors of card stock.

Just the right font..and print 'er out!

Then comes a big decision. The way the tags printed out mean they are not all equally spaced on the stock. I want them all the same size?
 I decided NO. I hardly ever have two identical crafts so why should I have two identical cards?

I cut the tags out with this thing...for the life of me I can't think of what it is called. :)


I gathered up my decorating supplies.
Hole punch  
 Stencil & stencil paint
Flower decoration
Jute twine

First thing, decide where I want the hole for the twine on the tag. In the top right or left corner or in the middle of the tag?
Top Right corner it is!
Second was to figure out where I wanted the stencil on the tag.
Applied the stencil paint using a paper towel instead of a brush. (Easier to clean)   
Third, Put the flower in just the right spot.
Hot glued it in place.                                                                                 

Finished product for this demonstration.

Below are samples of other tags I made yesterday and today. 
As with any craft, the more I make, the snazzier they shall become. 
I plan to use the colors, florals and other materials representing Fall on these tags. I also will use just plain ol tags with just the name printed on them.

Bet you couldn't tell I like sunflowers huh?

This is the idea I came up with for my tags. I confess to being inspired by a posting on Nancy Burke's Blog/Web Site after finding a pin on Pinterest. My designs are no where near hers but I say Thank you for the inspiration!
Hope ya'll like my TAGS.
See ya'll later,
Nancy Dawn 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall project @ 1115

It is finally feeling like Fall!
I sent a txt msg to some friends last week about Fall arriving and one response was, "You are way too excited!" I confess again, I am absolutely crazy about Fall.
I am disappointed in myself though. I have not decorated the house nearly as much as I usually do and creativity is to a snail crawl. So, here is how I hope to motivate myself.

  1. I hope to create a new craft every two to three days and blog about it. And to make that more interesting, I want to add pictures.
  2. I also hope to share what is going on on the farm here @ 1115. With pictures.
  3. Recipes. I hope to share recipes for Fall dishes.
So, let us begin!!
Here is a project that I posted on Facebook about.

The original ideal behind the wood paddle was to make a cheese board or a candle holder. My dear hubby cut out many of these paddles in different sizes and thicknesses. 

The first thing I did was drill a hole at the top of the handle. This way the paddle can be hung on the wall with a nail or I can add some twine or ribbon to make a hanger.
Next, I put a coat of primer/sealer on the paddle. This way, if it is hung outside the wood is protected.
It is hard to tell in this picture, but it is painted with a white

Ok, after the primer dried, I painted the paddle this wonderful orange color. I took a craft store pumpkin and using a hacksaw, cut it in two and glued it on. Next I attached the small scarecrow along with the flower and leaf.

Now it just needs a "The Crafty Shack @ 1115" tag and it's ready to go!

Love to all.
See Y'all later,
Nancy Dawn