Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Firewood Update!

Remember the firewood we were getting over at my BIL's house?

The wood we took over to my parents house?

Well, I am proud to tell you, we got it all hauled over.

And Pop and Hubby got it all busted.

There was the occasional assistance around...from a neighbor (he didn't last long!) and one Saturday morning, our son was with us and he put Pop out of a job stacking!

 So...What does all that wood look like busted and stacked?

Here is one of Pop's car sheds full.

Car shed. Full. No car in there for a while!

  See the card shed waaay down at the other end?

Most of it is stacked three deep!!
 Pop raked up the scraps wood pieces and has stored them safe and dry for kindling!! There is another pile of kindling he will use to replenish the barrels with.

I like this angle from the card shed. 
Another angle...

Well, that's the update. I am proud to say most of that busting and most of the stacking were done by my Daddy. Not bad for a 70 year old man, eh?

See ya'll later,
Nancy Dawn