Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for Fall & Changing the Look for Life @ 1115

I decided to play with the look of the blog today . 
It will probably keep changing over the next week or so. I am totally new to the layout and template stuff so... please bear with me.

I am a Fall loving gal, so that part of the look will probably stay for a while.
 On that line, today I want to highlight the Fall crafts I played with this Fall.

I came up with a label for my crafts. The name The Crafty Shack came to be when we converted the room that over the years has been called: The Play Room, The Exercise Room, The Computer Room but in reality THE JUNK a Craft Room for me. 
When I decided to try this blog it all came together. I don't know how the Life @ 1115 came about exactly, but that is where we live and do life! 
The Crafty Shack @ 1115 came into being.

Labels for The Crafty Shack @ 1115.
Check out these Crafts!

 The cat and owl are our takes (copies) of decorative crafts we saw at Hobby Lobby.

Go Me!

Remember the scroll saw I got back in the summer? (That is another blessing for the year.) Yep. That's correct. These are wood leaves cut out by Hubby on the scroll saw. (I did get the nerve up to try cutting some out by myself later. Success!)
The leaf was too thick to make a comfortable pair of earrings so hubby sliced them in two with the scroll saw.

Wood Leaf Earrings 

I decided I needed a crow for decoration. Hubby drew one out and then cut the pattern out for me. 
Need I say more?
I was thinking of that literary genius (My son) when I made this.

The next 2 projects incorporated scarecrows and that awesome crow my hubby created for me.


These are things I do consider a blessing. God gave me a small talent which I pray I will turn into something that will honor and glorify Him.

Thanks for letting me share my Fall creativity with you. As I think about my upcoming birthday, I am amazed these talents did not surface in me until I was 40 years old.

See ya'll later,
Nancy Dawn

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blessed during the past year @ 1115

This past year has been full of blessings for us here @ 1115. 
Please allow me to continue to share.

I am an animal lover and this year while I lost a few of my farm babies, I gained several too.

I was the happiest woman around when the man across the road brought home a goose and ended up giving him to me.


But Charlie was lonely. And he didn't quite know what to make of me. I took time to sit and talk to him and sometimes he would touch me with his beak and fuss when I would touch him. Charlie needed a friend.

And, since Reggie and Miss Quacky had disappeared, Jr was hanging out with Charlie but it just wasn't working. Luckily we found an old friend who happened to have some goose and duck eggs about to hatch. So! Charlie got 4 little goose babies to hang out with and Jr Duck got 2 duck babies. 

Charlie with his babies and the ducks.

Charlie telling the babies how he expects things to be.
I have to give Charlie credit, he took those babies under his wing and raised them up proper. They follow Charlie everywhere. Even up the walkway to the steps. 

Charlie coming to see me on the steps.

We also got rabbits. They are for meat. Not pets. We took the breeders word as to the sex of the rabbits...Unfortunately the breeder sold us 2 bucks and a doe instead of 2 does and a buck. Our girl bunnies shared a cage until.... we found out the truth of the matter when we observed certain we have 6 baby bunnies. Meet Willobee, Sally and Mae. Which are now Sally Mae and Sebastian.

Willobee in the back cage and the "girls" in the front.

I am now guessing the unhappy bunny is Sally Mae!

My favorite Willobee picture.

I also had the most beautiful garden EVER.

On the left are the cucumbers on a trellis. On the right is a
 row of  Peaches and Cream Corn.

Green Beans
Beautiful Patty Pan squash.
 Look at those blossoms. See the white
Patty Pan's?

Bell peppers. Had them until frost!
I even went to the Farmer's Market!
A farmer friend was there selling his corn. He says to me..."Your set up looks too fancy for a farmer's market. Well! I never! I thought the more attractive your set up the better chance for business. :)
 I forgot to bring my tent but the lady next to me shared hers with me. Thanks Kelly!
Check out the baskets and crates Hubby made for me!

I only went the one time. :( Maybe I will have a killer garden again next year and can try again.

This next picture was taken early one morning when the sun was just breaking over the top of Hubby's shop. The garden sprinklers were going and the water made the sunbeams radiant!

This was a peaceful beautiful morning @ 1115. Thank you, God.

Well, I hope ya'll enjoyed this rather long drawn out post. I love my geese, ducks and rabbits. And the garden was a peaceful place for me this year. 
See ya"ll later,
Nancy Dawn

Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthdays & Giving Thanks @ 1115

In a few days I am going to be 42 years old.
What is it about a birthday that makes you want to take stock of your life?
Is it the fact that another year has passed and the birthday is, in reality your New Year?

What has changed in life since my last birthday? 
As I started this particular post, I realized that to include everything that has happened would make a super loooong (yawn) post. So I think I will break it down over several posts. As I think about what I want to share, I realize I am truly blessed. I have had an awesome year. Thank you Jesus. 

In February, my son turned 21. Unfortunately, the SD card that had his birthday pictures was corrupt, got corrupted? somehow. I do have a video of him blowing out the candles on his cake though.

Also in Feb. we got Maximus.
Maximus as a 7 week old pup.

And Maximus now.

Miss Quacky and Reggie Duck became the proud parents of 20 duck babies.

We sold the babies for Easter. Then a month or so later Miss Quacky and Reggie both disappeared. I think a fox got them. But I prefer to imagine that Reggie went flying one night, found a beautiful pond and he came back and got Miss Quacky and they flew away together. Thankfully, we still have their first offspring, Jr Duck.
My favorite Ickle Jr. Duck picture.
Of course Jr looks like Reggie now but wasn't he a ca-uuute baby?

We also got started in beekeeping. We met the Fat Beeman at Dixie Bee Supply, purchased our bees and took classes. We ended up with 2 hives and 4 nucs. We gave a nuc to my brother and got him set up in the bee business. We still have the nuc we are going to give my Dad...waiting til next Spring...

The packages.

His and Her hives.

Hanging out with the bees.

The Nucs

As I continue reviewing the past year, I am amazed at the blessing the Lord has bestowed on us. We pray He will give us opportunities to use these blessings to bless others.

Hope ya'll enjoyed this little segment on my Life @ 1115. 
See ya'll later,
Nancy Dawn

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Providing for ourselves @ 1115

Back in September, I posted on FaceBook about getting our order of chickens in from McMurray Hatchery. We ordered layers and meat birds.

This past weekend, hubby and I helped those meat birds fulfill their purpose for life. Nine of them were processed by us and put in the freezer.

You may ask, "Why in the world would we do something like that? How could we raise these chickens and then kill them and eat them?" 

The answer is simple:

I want to know how my food was raised and what it ate and how it was killed and processed. I want to eat meat that has not been raised on growth hormones and medications that could potentially be harmful to my health.

We have LOTS of poultry houses (I call them chicken houses) here in Northeast Georgia. 
I know those chickens do not see the light of day until they are caught and loaded on the trucks that carry them to the processing plant. And that is a sight that I can barely tolerate. Yes I have compassion for those poor birds stuffed into crates and sometimes just barely in there. I hate to follow a truck up the road not just because of the feathers that are flying, but because of the potential of a chicken falling form the truck and getting hit in the road.

I believe raising them here @ 1115 where they can see and feel the light of the sun and scratch in the dirt and eat bugs and such is a lot more humane.

I can't say I know what happens at the processing plant. I am sure I could get a job there and find out, but pray I never have to. I would rather be the one doing the raising and processing in my own backyard and in my own kitchen.