Monday, December 3, 2012

Off to a jogging start for my LITERAL NEW YEAR @ 1115

Last Monday was my 42nd birthday. And this year, for the first time ever I comprehended that a birthday is a LITERAL NEW YEAR.

This post is to tell you what I am into as of right now in this 42nd year of my life.

My brother (aka Bubba) talked me into starting to run with him. I agreed.

Then he sprang it on me.

"Let's go swimming on ....", he says. Then he throws in riding bicycles.

He has suckered me into training for a ?half? triathlon with him.

This man is a couple years older than me. So easy peasy right? Wrong!

He has been participating in 5k's and such for the last couple of years. Add to that, he is former military! (Dear Bubba could make an excellent drill sergeant) AND! The buddy he runs with in these jaunts of his is Active Military!


My dear brother showed up at 7:45 a.m. on my birthday and we jogged.
Well, he jogged.
I whined, jogged, whined, walked, whined and jogged.
BTW, I had Krispy Kreme donuts for my birthday breakfast. (He tried to tell me how many miles I had to run to run off a KK. I chose not to listen ;) )

Today, he showed up at 7:55 a.m.. We jogged. I walked. I struggled to breathe. It was 38 degrees this morning. Warmer than last week but I did more walking than jogging last week. I still did better this week. I just walked to try getting deep breaths in the lungs.

When he finally let us return to my house, he made (HAHA MADE ME) me do jumping jacks, sit ups and push ups.

Lordy Lordy folks, I am in training!

I have to confess. I had been praying (a little) for the desire to exercise. I mean, a few years before turning 40, stick girl here finally got some curves. After turning 40, those curves started rearranging themselves in the oddest of places!
I need to tighten up and stop spreading!

I hope to keep posting and updating the progress of training for a 1/2 triathlon.
Pictures will come soon.

Although I may gripe and grumble and whine, I am actually excited about this year of my life!

See ya'll later,
Nancy Dawn