Friday, January 25, 2013

Training (Or Lack of) @ 1115

With the new year comes resolutions.
Yes, @ 1115 we are guilty of making the resolutions to get healthier, exercise and eat better.

This year we are doing it again.
We have armed ourselves with knowledge this time. We have the equipment and Hubby definitely has the mind set, so we shall make headway.

That being said, I need to back up to my last blog where I talked about my brother having me in training with him.

As you know, training requires being in shape and if you are not in shape then you start getting in shape.
I started doing warm up exercises and working with light dumbbell weights. And ended up with a headache for two days. One of which was spent in bed.

Now,  I have had headaches for MANY years. Sometimes, just to make it easier to explain them I called them migraines. But they aren't. At times, I thought they were. Why else would I be in bed with a sleep mask over my eyes unable to stand movement?

Anyway, after that last wretched headache, I resolved to track down the cause of the life stealers. You may ask, "Why don't you go to a doctor?"Well,  I do not like doctors. It's just me, but I am of the notion that doctors and pharmaceutical companies don't make or come up with cures. They make patients.

I got down an anatomy book that shows our muscular system and I downloaded the Kindle Book Head Pain Natural Relief by Kathryn Merrow. I found information that pinpointed my headaches. I tracked down the muscles involved and everything added up for me. I also talked to a friend who gives me a massage during the headaches.

I believe weak back muscles, poor posture and the failure to stretch out and warm up my muscles before working out, working on the farm or even in the house AND periods of inactivity (being lazy!) have contributed greatly to the pain. I have been causing lots of stress to my muscles.

This is MY diagnosis for my head pains. (I do not recommend diagnosing yourself. This is me. I believe it is my body and my responsibility to take care of it the way I choose.)

I have decided I need to stretch my muscles and get my body to a more flexible point before I take on the role of training for a triathlon. I am working on correcting my posture. I am doing this with yoga and other stretching exercises. This is week two and anytime I feel a headache starting, I can pinpoint the trigger and start some stretches and nip it in the bud.

I am sleeping better at night and feeling more energized than ever!

Hubby is working out 5 mornings every week and we are changing our eating habits. Slow and steady progress! The time will come when I will be training for that half triathlon with my brother. I look forward to it.

Well, that is the way training is going @ 1115 so far.
See ya'll later.
Nancy Dawn