Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life on the Farm @ 1115 this morning

I started off my morning complaining on Facebook about how the wind is blowing and it's cold and it was time to go feed the critters.
Well, I finally bundled up and went out.
It was cold! But I got warmed up in a hurry!
Let me set this little tale up for you.

Yesterday, I went to feed the Leghorns and found Rooster Jimmy Leghorn bloody and beaten from going eight rounds with Rooster Bruiser Leghorn. 
I caught Jimmy and put him in a cage for medical attention and observation. (He had a private room!)
This morning I decided to move him to a private condo cage to heal.
LO and behold that Roo had a fit and escaped!

Enter Maximus Hound! (Gee. Everybody needs a helper like Max!)

Don't let that sweet silly face fool you.
He loves to run down escaped chickens and guineas.

Max set to work immediately, with me hollering, "No Max! Stop!" (and with me chasing them).
He chased that Roo under the wood shop and back out again.
Through the woods.
Out behind the goose coop until finally hemming him up in a corner of the goose coop.
I ran Max out and found Jimmy.

Poor Jimmy. He was upside down in the corner. He was stunned. Frozen.

I wish I had a camera. I can't get my cell phone out fast enough to get pictures.
I haven't figured out how to do chores with a camera hanging around my neck.
Alas, The picture of my wonderful "helper" Max is the best I can do today.

Uh...back to Jimmy.
I got Jimmy out of there and moved him into his private condo.
From his behavior I believe he may have been the one to pick a fight with Bruiser.
Jimmy Leghorn is a trouble maker!!!!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my adventure this morning.
See ya'll later!
Nancy Dawn