Wednesday, September 11, 2013

0 Followers. LOL. Animals And a Bridal Shower.

Just logged back onto Blogger to MAYBE do a post and what pops out? 0 Followers.
And you know what? That is ok.
I did originally start this blog to keep family informed and MAYBE do something big with it. But that just ain't happening.
And that is OKAY.
Hey, when you make a post and announce it to the family and they still doesn't read it? That is ok. Family sux. No. Just kidding.
Hmmm. If I made this a journal and wrote in a diary...I bet that would get em!
 But I do not mind if no one but me ever sees these pages.

Right now, I am mourning the loss of a 2nd duck this week. One went missing a few minutes ago and I am clueless as to how. But the ducks told all about it.

I am listening to the geese roam around carrying on a loud ruckus over something.

There is something dead under the house and it is like miles of insulation under there. The stench is wretched in the master bathroom but I can't smell it under the house. :(

Last week was Julie's Bridal Shower. It turned out pretty good. Here are some pictures.
Wood box with leaf garland and white lights. Not my best job. :/
Love this.

Really love this!

To be.....his bride

The outdoor decorations were the best. Didn't get many pictures of the guests or the food.
The bride~to~be was gorgeous.
This was my first shower to host and I went to The Crafty Shack and sewed a pocketbook and made some earrings and some Fall crafts for "shower game prizes". All of which the bride~to~be ended up with. 
No offense, but I wouldn't do it again.
No prizes for shower games anymore.

And favors? Well, I am of the opinion that at a kids birthday party the gifts should be for the kid and every kid that attends does not get a gift as a Thank You for coming. 
Why I didn't apply that to the shower beats me. Tis ok. I loved the shower favors. But won't do that again.

Ah ha! Just realized what this blog is. It is my PENSIVE!!

Well off to crawl under the house. Hope I find that wretched stench.

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