Thursday, November 7, 2013

Today on the Farm

How's the time change working out for you this week? Hard to get adjusted? For me the answer is yes. I am already caught up on my snoozing and now am waking up at what would be the regular time. That translates to 3:30 in the morning.

Life on the farm...
We have grown!
We have Toby Flair, an orphan rooster. His Mama, Baby Cluck abandoned him at an early age.
Toby Flair. 

Baby Cluck hatched off 3 little ones next. Alas, I found 2 of them dead in the duck pools awhile back. Then last week I went out and saw the last baby running around without her and immediately knew something was wrong. I found her body in Max's pen. Stiff as a board and headless. I don't know for sure Max killed her but the evidence is stacked against him.
The orphan chick is white as she can be. (I hope it's a she!) She hangs out with the guineas now.
Orphan Chick. Any name suggestions?

We recently acquired 3 kittens. Girls! Yes, I know...cats multiply like rabbits. But anyhoo...they re adorable. I can't tell them apart. Their names are Abigail, Amelia, & Allie.
Which kitty? I dunno. Just multiply her x 3! They are identical.

I have my meat chicks now. They are 3 weeks old now and I moved them from the brooder to the big coop. I figured they would stay huddled up together but nope. They were romping all over that coop by the end of the day.
So much for not being huddled up eh?

I had to put them in the back coop. I had started putting the geese and ducks up in the back coop at night because the ducks had started flying out of the paddock. Now they are out of a night dwelling.

Lovely Duckies.
Free Range Geese. Of course the grass is greener next to the road.
 In order to accommodate the geese and ducks at night I had to move Mr. Wyandotte out of his big coop. Mr. Wyandotte was the "Free Exotic Chick" that came with our order of chicks last year. He has had several names including Elvis and Tarzan.
At one point in time, I had my heart set on getting a trio of Blue Laced Red Wyandotte breed of chickens but for some reason have not. But I am convinced Mr. Wyandotte is a Wyandotte breed (Hence the name Mr. Wyandotte.) and am determined to keep him. He is HUGE! And beautiful. But now he is in cramped quarters and I really need to get him larger accommodations.

Mr. Wyandotte.

Well, that is it for the tour.
Hope y'all enjoyed yourselves.
See y'all later,
Nancy Dawn