Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Little White Greenhouse @ 1115

Back in February this year, I came across a terrific ideal for a greenhouse. The ideal came from Texas Prepper2. I can't recall what exactly led me to the video on YouTube, but it did and hubby was agreeable to building it!
Click here to go to the video. Texas Prepper Greenhouse.

We are blessed to have a sawmill and hubby cut all the lumber necessary for the greenhouse. We also use cattle panels in our garden for trellises, so they were already on hand. I did have to order the plastic for it but got a big enough roll to cover 2 houses if we decided to build another one.

Unfortunately, my best pictures were on the "old" cell phone and...they are gone. Just gone.
But here are some pictures of the process.

All framed up with doors and tables on each side
She is covered!
Getting things going in the Spring

Actually, these are Fall pictures but...check out all those plants!!

I am very happy with the greenhouse. It is a dream come true for me.
I hope next year I will start plants in there and will be able to sell them.

See Y'all later,
Nancy Dawn

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I love Fall. 
I am sure everyone who knows me, knows this about me. I love to decorate my house for Fall. (It has been said that Fall threw up in my house on more than one occasion.)

I have an amazing husband. He tolerates the insanity. He actually contributes to the insanity. He has bought all types of Fall florals and scarecrows and such for me. He has went out in his wood shop and cut out all sorts of Fall related things for me to paint. I am a BLESSED woman.

Here are just a few of my creations and harvests. Yes, I included a picture of my crazy self sitting on a pumpkin. (I was SO excited about the HUGE pumpkin.)

October means Halloween and that mean...POE

I used this as a shower prize
The leaves were traced from real leaves

This scarecrow family greeted visitors at the end of the driveway
Crazy woman in a pumpkin patch

Some of the harvest
Indian Corn
 This IS all old stuff. Me thinks it is time to get crafting again.

See y'all later,
Nancy Dawn

Monday, October 27, 2014

In September I enrolled in an Online Customer Service Fundamental course.  It consisted of two lesson per week for six weeks. I finished my class on Saturday and took the final exam the same day.
I was a wreck. It was a "You only have one opportunity to pass this exam. You have to make a 67 or above on the final to pass" type of thing.
Yes, I was able to print out the complete final exam and look up the answers so I could easily pass. But I was nervous and worried because there were 3 or 4 questions that I was unsure of the answers to.
I finally did it and I passed with a 97!
I wanted to share my Certificate of Completion with you but I can't figure out how to get it on here.

Now I am knee deep in learning Speed Spanish.
It ain't easy folks.
It ain't easy.
But it is what it is. :(

See y'all later,
Nancy Dawn

Saturday, October 25, 2014


We started our day by sleeping a little later than usual.
Got dressed and hubs worked on the dump truck I have named Elmer (for some reason).
Went to his employment and picked up LOTS of buckets of hydraulic fluid then on to breakfast and on to my BIL's. When we got there, he had his shop doors open and "new" furniture sitting inside. Another BIL had brought him the furniture. It used to belong to "Granny". My MIL.
Seeing the cabinet that had been in her kitchen made me cry. Made me miss her very much. I told him if he decided to part with it I wanted it. (But he is the one who built it for her to start with.)

The bees are behaving much better today. I am SO thankful those entrance reducers and screens worked.

Did I mention we had a family dinner last night? Our son didn't get to come but his girlfriend did. She is a great girl. Maybe she is THE one? 

Ah well,
It is what it is.
Nancy Dawn

Friday, October 24, 2014

Being a good neighbor and SAVE the bees!!!

This morning I picked up my neighbor and took her to run some errands.
She needed to go to the finance company over there then the bank over in the next town. I had to do my grocery shopping in the next town so it was all good. Until.
The first grocery store was SO cold!
I rushed through my shopping. She didn't. Now, that was still ok.
The next stop was where my patience ran thin. I got my stuff together, paid for it and took it to the car.
I went back in, found her and told her I was done, take all the time she needed. She took me at my word. The dear woman took almost another 45 minutes to an hour. :/
What can you say? She gave me gas money. This time I took it. She apologized and I told her all was well. Took her home, unloaded her groceries and hustled on home.

When I got home I looked at my beehives in the big yard and it was in a FRENZY. Can you say FRENZY???
My hives were being overrun by robber bees.

I put entrance reducers in. Covered the holes in the reducers with screen. Made a space in some so only one bee at a time could enter or exit. And left some completely closed with screen.

This could be a disaster.
The robber bees steal the winter honey stores.
I may have to combine a couple of hives or put them in 3 or 5 frame Nuc boxes.  I will be feeding bees this winter.
My poor, poor, poor girls.

It is what it is.
Nancy Dawn

Thursday, October 23, 2014


It has been almost one whole year since I posted anything on this blog.
Why? It sure isn't because I have been SUPER busy and overwhelmed with life!
Oh well, it is what it is.  That has become sort of a motto for me here lately. 
It is what it is. 
On one hand lots has happened this year and on the other, not much of anything has happened. 


  • Hubby built me a greenhouse.
  • I started my own plants and flowers! YAY!
  • I made it up to 14 bee hives.
  • I had an awesome honey harvest.
  • I lost my beloved Jr. Duck.
  • I lost my beloved Goosteau.
  • My son's dog killed Rambo Rooster.
  • I took Willobee Bunny and Sally Mae Bunny to the sell and cried for hours after they sold.
  • I applied for a Customer Service job at the local EMC but it was a bilingual position so...  
  • I am taking an online Customer Service Fundamentals course.
  • I am taking an online Speed Spanish course. Hola. ¿Como est├ís?
  • I found out I cannot even get a job as a custodian.
  • This past Sunday, Aunt Jo passed away.
  • Found out Aunt Shirley has breast cancer.
  • My best friend went from a homeschooling mom to a principal at a private Christian school.
  • I have attempted to bring the message of Titus 2 to the private school girls.

I am going to go now,
It is what it is.
Nancy Dawn