Thursday, October 23, 2014


It has been almost one whole year since I posted anything on this blog.
Why? It sure isn't because I have been SUPER busy and overwhelmed with life!
Oh well, it is what it is.  That has become sort of a motto for me here lately. 
It is what it is. 
On one hand lots has happened this year and on the other, not much of anything has happened. 


  • Hubby built me a greenhouse.
  • I started my own plants and flowers! YAY!
  • I made it up to 14 bee hives.
  • I had an awesome honey harvest.
  • I lost my beloved Jr. Duck.
  • I lost my beloved Goosteau.
  • My son's dog killed Rambo Rooster.
  • I took Willobee Bunny and Sally Mae Bunny to the sell and cried for hours after they sold.
  • I applied for a Customer Service job at the local EMC but it was a bilingual position so...  
  • I am taking an online Customer Service Fundamentals course.
  • I am taking an online Speed Spanish course. Hola. ¿Como est├ís?
  • I found out I cannot even get a job as a custodian.
  • This past Sunday, Aunt Jo passed away.
  • Found out Aunt Shirley has breast cancer.
  • My best friend went from a homeschooling mom to a principal at a private Christian school.
  • I have attempted to bring the message of Titus 2 to the private school girls.

I am going to go now,
It is what it is.
Nancy Dawn

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