Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Garden @ 1115 in 2015

Since it is January, it is time to check out those seed catalogs arriving in the mail and make the lists of what I want to grow @ 1115 this year.

Last year, I started most of my own seeds. I bought my seed at WallyWorld and HomeDepot. I won't do that again. A reputable seed supplier is what I want. The resulting plants just were not up to par in my estimation. Not to mention the flower seed I started! Those Red Hot Pokers were not Pokers at all. They were about 8 foot tall stalks with orange flowers. Then in the Fall, half the seeds I started turned out to be something else entirely. I promise I marked the flats carefully! But the Brussel Sprouts grew up to be Collards and such as that.

I have to choose seed for the Spring garden and the Summer garden.

I know I am choosing Lettuce and Spinach! Maybe I will try Cauliflower and Broccoli again. They don't do so good in the Spring for me. They do good in the Fall.

This year, I want to have success starting and growing the cut flower beds, the pumpkin and gourd patches and the sunflower rows so I will be paying close attention to that section of the catalogs.

I am looking for another excellent harvest like this!

Last year after the tomato harvest we came across THE best Salsa recipe. So I will be looking at the tomato section too. Hubby wants to try Homestead Tomatoes because they are supposed to be drought tolerant. Only one catalog has had them listed so far.

Then there are the pepper plants. We will definitely want some Bell Peppers and some kind of hot pepper. JalepeƱos? Perhaps. I also love a pepper called Corno Di Toro, along with Sweet Banana Peppers.

Oh and the corn! Peaches N Cream? Whatever that other kind is that Hubs likes? Some kind of sweet corn....Then there is the cucumbers. I prefer the pickling kind. 

And beans! Hubby wants Bush Beans. I like Pole beans. We always put up fence posts and cattle panels for beans and cucumbers to run on. I would like to use limbs cut from trees or saplings to make an old~fashioned fence thingy for them to run on.

Flowers! Lots of cutting flowers.
Herbs! For cooking and sachets and to dry them.
It is time to make the lists! I will share with you what I decide to grow @ 1115 this year. Hope I pick some of your favorites!

See y'all later,
Nancy Dawn