Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Has Sprung @ 1115

Overnight it seems, the world was transformed @ 1115 

The middle of February brought crazy weather to NE Ga. We had temps ranging from the 30's up to the mid 70's. We had cold rainy days and warm sunny days.

For a few weeks all I saw were some dandelions, daffodils and fields of henbit. (I have wondered what the farmers are thinking by letting the henbit get so crazy in the fields.

A field of HENBIT located about a mile from my house. Pretty Purple!

But about the middle of March, we looked out our windows and saw beautiful blooms on the plum trees and the Bradford Pear tree. The Yellow Bells (Forsythia) bloomed out and the Saucer Magnolia showed out.

In the garden, where we sowed a "Salat" patch last fall, the plants have gone to seed and are showing off their yellow seed heads. The honey bees are loving it!

Saucer Magnolia with the "Salat" Patch in the left background.
Yellow Bells

Bradford Pear

This is what The Farm @ 1115 is looking like this spring in 2015.
I hope your spring is just as beautiful.
See Y'all later!
Nancy Dawn