Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Farm @ 1115 Beekeeping Journal

Sharing my love for honeybees and discovering some talented artists!

Recently I talked with a group of students in grades 3-8 about my passion for honeybees and beekeeping. This meeting helped their teacher out with the art class. In order to make it interesting, (and tie it in with art ;) ) I challenged them to a drawing competition. The winner would get the prestige of being on the cover of this years beekeeping journal. I scanned the entries into the computer and put lines on them for journal sheets. (This way I can remember the kids!)

I use a journal to help me keep track of the hive happening when I inspect or do any kind of work to the hives. This journal will come in handy this fall and winter when I need to make decisions about the hives. Check out my post Beekeeping Journal at

I want to show you some of the entries!

I think the students had a blast. I know I did.
Hope you enjoyed the art gallery.
See y'all later.
Nancy Dawn