Thursday, August 27, 2015

Strange Adventures in Beekeeping

Strange Adventures in Beekeeping

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Recently, we had a fellow come by with a strange story to tell and asking for help. Let me be upfront here. I did not think this whole thing through. I saw opportunity, had a little head knowledge and thought I was SUPER BEEKEEPING WOMAN! I was SOOO wrong!

This guy had been given an old vehicle gas tank full of wild honey bees and he wanted the honey. (Now that was...STUPID!)
He wasn't too thrilled with his adventure up to this point. His glee at the gift of the wild honey bees had turned to dismay as he failed to get the bees out and he got stung multiple times for his efforts.
He had a make-shift bee suit. It consisted of a heavy jacket, screen wire for a hat and veil and duct tape. (Really wish I had a picture of his "suit".) As I said, it failed him.

He managed to get the tank loaded on the back of a truck and...get this...proceeded to drive up and down the road trying to get the bees to leave. It did NOT work out!

Well, hubs and I discussed the opportunity to capture these wild honey bees and start a top bar hive so we agreed to give it a shot. Free Bees!

Top Bar Hive

It rained. I feared the "hive" was being robbed so I put a 'sheet" over it. (I don't have a white sheet so I used a light colored curtain that worked great.) The rain also helped put a stop to any robbing.

We (Hubby) cut the tank open.

There were three compartments to this gas tank. Being an old gas tank it had plenty of grunge and rust in it. That is why I said this dude (ahem...his intention to get the honey) was stupid for wanting the honey. It wasn't edible!

Rust and grunge in the tank

Inside the 2nd compartment
The mission failed. We failed. The bees ended up dying in the end.

And that folks is part of the sad tale of a current event that occurred here on The Farm @ 1115.
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See y'all later,
Nancy Dawn