Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Swarm @ 1115

The Farm @ 1115 had a small swarm last weekend!

Hubs and I walked out the back door and I heard that familiar hum. Listening for that swarm sound is a habit I have. ;) I followed the sound and discovered where the bees were ascending to the high limb in the tree.

In the past, Hubs and I would cut down a tree if a swarm ended up in it. This time however, the tree is too big and the swarm is too high for us to make the choice to cut it down. Also, I am not wanting to increase my hives anymore. So we left the swarm alone.

I figured the swarm would light in the tree, stay for the minimum of two days then journey on. But one week later the swarm is still in the tree. The bees are still in the tree even after three or four days of rains and cooler temperatures.

I wish the swarm was lower so we could rescue (capture) it even if I don't want to add another hive to the apiary.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Honey Bee Picture

I am telling you up front, I LOVE this picture.

When I got home from work a couple of days ago, I went down to the hives in the upper yard to check the activity of my girls. I can't seem to go around the hives without taking pictures and this one captivated me. We all know how pictures are on a cell phone screen:

Imagine this is the cell phone screen.
What IS that spot? Is is a bird? A plane? NO! It's Wonder Woman Bee coming in with her saddle bags loaded. Yes, I call those pollen sacs Saddle Bags. Even if you can't tell, she is loaded with orange pollen.

Wonder Woman Bee coming in for a landing.
As I looked closer at the picture, I noticed another dot. This girlie was blasting off into outer space!
And are those birds on the wire in the back ground? I think not!!

Wonder Woman Bee, Missile Bee and Bees from another hive...Wonderful hive activity in the upper bee yard!

One picture...Fun activity. 
Hope you liked the views!
See Y'all later,
Nancy Dawn