Sunday, December 27, 2015

Farm to Table Entertaining Plans


I believe the Lord gives us dreams and will help us to achieve them. One of my dreams has been for The Farm @ 1115 to offer Farm to Table Foods and Field to Vase Florals to my family, friends and the community. I hope to make that dream a reality this coming year. This dream will have to be modified to the point of not doing it to make a profit but to do it as a way to connect with family and friends.

To make this dream come true I will have to be focused and disciplined. I will have to work hard to avoid the pitfalls of the previous year. Maybe it is a pipe dream and some of my ideas will cause more work than necessary, but this is my dream and ain’t nobody going to make it happen the way I want it to happen but me. And it ain’t going to happen if I wallow in ‘last year’s regrets’. Dreams come true by taking baby steps. By doing one thing each day!


I hope to make some functional and eye pleasing changes to The Farm @ 1115. Just a couple of things I REALLY hope for are:

  • Build a shed at the end of the garden to be known henceforth as THE DIRTY HOE @ 1115.
  • Section off the upper portion of the garden with picket fencing then use this part of the garden for veggies and florals.
  • Build a pergola or some sort of summer kitchen for cooking.
  • Talk Leroy into letting me put a bee hive in this garden!
Picket Fence 

Food and Entertaining

Leroy got a Big Green Egg for Christmas and has cooked on it pretty much everyday.  
He grilled chicken on it for a stew and seeing how many chicken breast it held set me to thinking. I don’t much like to eat chicken that comes from the supermarket (but I will do it). I prefer to raise my own chickens and butcher them here at home.  

This morning I asked Hubs, “If we got chicks this week, would they be ready to eat by Valentine’s Day?” (We raise Jumbo Cornish X Rocks.) 

My thinking is:
  • We raise the chickens
  • We butcher them
  • We grill them and serve them…FARM TO TABLE!  


Sorry if this disturbs anyone, but this is a lifestyle I choose to experience.

Maybe my planning is just a bit too late for Valentine’s Day, but I definitely like this idea. This is the direction I want to go. 

The Immediate Future 

The end of this week brings the beginning of 2016. The family New Year’s Dinner will be held here @ 1115! The New Year’s Dinner will consist of traditional Southern Fare.

  • Collards
  • Black Eye Peas 
  • Boiled Back Bones
  • Cornbread
  • (Possibly something cooked on The BGE, and possibly some boiled and fried potatoes.)
Daddy and Treva’s birthdays are in January and then Blake’s birthday is The first part of February. The family is planning a Low Country Boil to celebrate. Then Valentine’s Day is coming. I think I will do something special (crafty) for the 5th grade. 

Also, I have been asked to speak with The American Heritage Girls in February on the topic of BEEKEEPING! 

There are lots of activities to tend to. Hopefully I will be sharing Life @ 1115 with you.