Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thank You Notecards

This past Christmas, I gave a few gifts to the teachers where I work. One of the older women, gave me a Thank You Card the day they came back from their Christmas break. That spoke loudly to me. This is the type of person I want to be. I want to be someone showing good manners!

Well, I failed miserably at it. Last year, Hubs and I tended to one of our neighbors animals while she was out of town. She sent us a gift card and thank-you note for doing so. I took a card to her house but she wasn't home and there wasn't a secure place to leave it so I took it back home with me. Long story short, she never got the card, and had to stop me one day to assure herself that her thank-you hadn't gotten misplaced. I was so embarrassed.

Well, Valentine's Day came and one of the teachers gave me a  beautiful, thoughtful gift. This time, I am ready to say, "Thank you!" I made my own Thank You card, using a picture of a flower from my own yard and my computer.
For this project:

  • I went into my Photo Library and selected a pretty flower picture. 
  • I added a Thank You text box with a pretty font.
  • Duplicated the image until I filled the page up.
  • Then I printed out a whole sheet of Thank You cards on card stock. 
  • Instead of making it a folding card, I made it a single piece.

 I use The Print Shop 2 for Mac. Not the greatest but not the worst when you are on a budget. ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Warm Day for Feeding Honeybees

Here at 1115 it went from 30 degrees yesterday, to (as of right now) 52 degrees today. I am home from work and while washing the dishes this morning, I saw a shadow cross the window. I looked and discovered a honeybee buzzing about my window! I decided if it was warm enough for the honeybees to be out and about, it was warm enough to put out some sugar water.

 I know there are a lot of differing ideas and notions about feeding bees sugar water, open feeding and the like... This post is not about the pros and cons. It is about seeing my honeybees out and about and providing them with food after all the strange weather of winter in NE Ga.

I have eight hives and had opportunity today to peak five of them. They all still had honey stores.

Check out my post at KEEPINGBACKYARDBEES.COM about feeding stations to learn more about my bee feeding theory.