Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day at 1115

It is Valentine's Day again and this year I got flowers. 

I used to get flowers (and by flowers I mean roses) every V Day until I went to work in a flower shop. Then I told my husband, "Don't give me flowers anymore. They will just die." He took me at my word. I didn't get flowers again.

These past few years I started following the Slow Flowers Movement, (you can find out more about this here). I decided I want flowers but not just any flowers. I want fresh American grown, local grown flowers.

Last March, my son needed flowers for his girlfriend's birthday. I wanted to use local flowers so I started searching for flower farms close to where I am located. Happily, I finally found one. This flower farm is called 3 Porch Farm. They are located in Comer, Ga. Unfortunately, they did not have flowers available on her birthday. They were, however, hosting a tour of the farm. It was a fun experience and made me day dream of growing flowers for my own bouquets.

This year, my son needed flowers for his Valentine. It has been discouraging for me to not be able to find local blooms for the occasion. BUT!  This year 3 Porch Farm had blooms available for Valentine's Day. (As soon as I saw that Instagram post I let my husband know and he ordered a bouquet for me!)

My son and I discovered he is a "Traditional Dozen Red Roses" type of fellow. This being the case I found a flower shop that, while they do not have local flowers they were right up my alley in other areas (this will be another post). Miss L was very happy with her roses.

Now let me share my "Untraditional Bouquet" with you.


I hope y'all enjoy the flowers too.
Nancy Dawn


  1. Beautiful! I love camellias and hope to start growing some. I have apple, pear and soon, peach blossoms blooming on whips (from pruning fruit trees) in my vases. What are the red flowers on the branches?

  2. Hi Laurie!
    I believe the red flowers on the branches are Loropetalum. The weather has been so warm this year, everything decided to bloom all at once.


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